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Coaching Value of Personality Assessments for Sales

Lance Cooper by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) | on May 22, 2008 | about Coaching
Coaching Value of Personality Assessments for Sales

Great coaching involves three (3) stages of progress. The first one, “Knowing People” begins in the recruiting phase as you compile information about each candidate. Behavior-based, personality assessments, and aptitude testing provide as much as 20-50% of validated input toward predicting which candidate will do best. And, they provide a wealth of information about the candidate if hired. This information combined with in-depth recruiting interviews and on-the-job foundational interviews tell a sales manager the likely strengths and weaknesses of a new salesperson? Is their goal-orientation high or are they process-focused? Is their social drive high leading to prospecting strength, or will they need to network through a few people they get to know well? Are they optimistic? Are they detail-oriented or big picture? Will they listen well? What will their time management be like? How strong will they close? How fast will they learn? What will motivate them - demotivate them?

Assessments are invaluable to sales managers who coach their people.

(Note:  Many profiles like the Myers-Briggs and others were not made with a sales manager in mind. They require a lot of indepth knowledge about the psychology of the assessment parameters to understand what “sales” coaching will be required. They do not tell you the number of coaching hours required per month and which specific ‘sales’ traits must be coached. They also do not specifically tell you what sales management coaching to do with ideas and suggestions.) 

The other two (2) stages of great coaching include: activity management and face-to-face (or phoning) skills. And, great coaching will mean coaching unique individuals differently to successfully follow your sales processes in those areas. Again, knowing the individual will allow you to tailor your training approach to each person. (Even baseball coaches must do this as they work with young players over a baseball tee - each one learning differently.) Personality profiles specifically designed for sales coaches will provide great help. 

Now, know your people well and use personality assessments as tools that help coach them to greatness.  Lance.

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