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What We Don't Do

We normally try to define Sales Manage Solutions in the positive, but in an effort to cut down on confusion, we thought telling you what we don’t do might be helpful.

We don’t recruit new employees for your organization.
However, we do teach you how to attract, identify, and retain sales superstars. If we put a spin on a proverb, it would go like this: “A dozen hands holding a dozen birds apiece is better than one bird in the hand.”
We don’t coach your sales staff. 
However, we do coach the coaches. We instruct your sales managers how to inspire their salespeople. We say, “Better to teach members of an organization how to become exceptional fishermen than to give them a couple of keepers.”
We don’t turn mediocre managers or salespeople into high-volume producers.
However, we can help you read your people and identify individuals who have the personality, values, and self-discipline to excel in sales. You can learn how to draw that potential out of hibernation. In other words, “All men may be created equal, but different heads fit different hats.”
We don’t transform your sales culture. 
However, we do help you isolate and address the attitudes and beliefs, the habits and behaviors, which cause grumbling and high turnover. In sales, “nip it in the bud” means efficient recruiting and effective coaching customized for each personality. Start nipping it in the first interview.

Last but not least...

We don’t rub the genie’s bottle and conjure prosperity.
However, we do give you a robust playbook, help you establish best practices, and provide precise feedback. We cannot truck in the vision, but we can ask the right questions and help construct the load-bearing structure. If you build it, the sales superstars and the success will come.

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