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A New Way to Recruit

A New Way to Recruit

Wrestling The Problem

Before we embraced Lance Cooper’s "Recruit the Best" system, we were spending countless hours analyzing interview questions and various methods and formulas for recruiting. I read numerous books and articles hoping to combine the best of the best. We knew we wanted quality applicants, but we did not have a professional recruiting system in place.

Finding A Solution

We were often frustrated with other methods. They did not seem applicable to what we were trying to accomplish. So, we tried creating our own system. This cost us precious time and energy. We spent almost two months trying to design a fool-proof method. Our team needed a final product to present to our organization that we could believe in. Lance gave us that product! His methods have already decreased turnover by weeding out some of the least qualified applicants ahead of time, saving us time and thousands of dollars.

Enjoying The Results

Cellular Sales became more consistent nationwide in our methods. Our various markets have a better understanding of the importance of hiring the best on the front end, as well as the effort and energy hiring requires. Cellular Sales has placed more emphasis on being more selective by combining "Recruit the Best" methods of sourcing, screening, and interviewing. 

We now have the tools to build a fantastic sales force!

Lance left our recruiters feeling empowered and excited about attracting and selecting high quality applicants. He gave us the knowledge and the encouragement to tackle such a huge task and continues to provide us with customized tools to make us successful. 

After our recruiting event in January 2010, we increased the number of recruits sent to training in February by 152% over the same month in 2009.

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