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Doubling Revenue by Recruiting the Best

Doubling Revenue by Recruiting the Best

Wrestling The Problem

Prior to using the “Recruit the Best” system, our company’s recruiting process was nonexistent. We desperately needed people but were too understaffed to even break the cycle. Even if we had known how, we wouldn’t have had the time to change. 

Typically, a prospect would come in one of our stores with a resume or lack thereof, and, seven times out of ten, we would put that person to work immediately, not taking the time to find out much if anything about his or her background. 

If we did do an “extensive interview”—all of 15 minutes!—we did not ask the same questions to any of the candidates. We had to hire everyone and see which ones had the right mentality to stick with us. We were just trying to survive, counting on our existing sales people to recommend their spouses, significant others, or friends. All of these referrals were automatically “in.”

On a scale of 1-10, our sales staff would have scored a 3. We were selling ourselves incredibly short—pun intended. Our sales staff became glorified clerks. We were losing revenue by the minute.

Finding A Solution

After we heard about “Recruit the Best,” our company and profits grew at an incredible rate. Our turnover was very low. The income was very high relative to the work that our reps had to do, so no one left. They had to be fired, and that only happened if we caught them stealing.

Enjoying The Results

Everything got better. We actually started our own week-long training program and the caliber of recruits instantly jumped to a 6 or 7. Two years later, we are passing on those 6 or 7 and recruiting 9s and 10s instead. Stealing is rare, morale has improved, and income per sales rep has improved by 25 to 30%. Our job openings became sought-after positions.

From the time we began “Recruit the Best,” our revenue doubled in fifteen months and continues to grow at the same pace. 

We are moving away from the clerk mentality. Our stores are properly staffed, and we have accelerated our store growth to almost 30% a year because we are able to attract professional sales representatives. In turn, these professionals help creative a positive sales culture to attract others. 

We have been able to build an efficient recruiting system throughout our organization. The future is exciting, as we look to again double our sales over the next eighteen months.

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