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Learning the Right Way to Recruit

Learning the Right Way to Recruit

Wrestling The Problem

Prior to using the Recruit the Best system, I didn’t have any system in place, and I was contracting with individuals by appearance and by emotion. We were not checking references or background.

My recruiting and retention was a rotating door that let them in quicker than we let them out. The negativity was cancerous, and morale was low. If you had a suit on, then I had a position for you.

The amount of money lost from missed sales, stolen equipment, unnecessary credits issued, and the replacement of handsets for customers who weren’t properly qualified amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This reckless and careless process (or lack of a process altogether) caused me to assemble a group that never became a team. I allowed a poor culture to develop by not building a team of like minded and goal oriented people.

Finding A Solution

When I installed began implementing the "Recruit the Best," I raised our minimum standards and became a proactive recruiter. I started building a team of like-minded, motivated individuals. I heard fewer customer complaints, and more customers contacted me to rave about the great experiences they had in our stores.

It was not a quick fix and took a lot of patience, but after choosing the "Recruit the Best" system, we were able to develop a structured and organized process with developing minimum standards.

Enjoying The Results

Over a two-year period, we increased our sales by over 100%.

It has been rewarding to see so many folks come into the company and become prosperous. I am watching young men and women grow. I have several reps who have bought their first homes, their first cars, and even second homes. Their families are growing. I have a team of individuals who want a career with this company and are working to advance it.

As we continue recruiting and growing, we have plenty of work to do, but we can grow confidently because we have the right folks on board to get there. Recruiting is a never-ending process. Yet, we have gone from 90 reps who were grossly under qualified to 137 reps. 

This number is more impressive when you understand that in January 2008 we had to let go of many of the original 90 reps. In 2008, all three months of the first quarter produced less than 2200 handsets, but check out the number of total handsets sold during the same period in 2009 and 2010:

2009: Jan, 2885;  Feb, 3092; Mar, 3453 
2010: Jan, 5128; Feb, 5595; Mar, 6332

I am proud to say we have our first ever Cellular Sales of Alabama Softball team in Birmingham, comprised of eighteen reps from the Birmingham Market. 

We are now a team on and off of the sales floor!

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