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Learn to recruit the best salespeople

Steve Suggs - Recruiting Expert & Trainer

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Can They Sell Book

Can They Sell ($24.95)

A “best practice system” for recruiting and retaining the best salespeople.

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Can They Sell Field Manual

Field Manual -
SalesPerson ($99.95)

Printable Interview Questionnaires & Tools - Companion to the book.

What's in the Field Manual?

The Can They Sell Field Manual helps you measure the 5 dimensions of "The Best Salesperson Profile". The 10 reprintable tools found in the field manual (a downloadable file) include:

  • Personal Referral Network Worksheet
  • Matching Score Sheet
  • Recruit the Best Checklist
  • Application
  • Phone Interview Questionnaire
  • Email Screen Questionnaire
  • Initial Interview Questionnaire
  • Reference Check Questionnaires
  • Final Interview Questionnaire
  • Interview by Team Member Questionnaire

The field manual is an individual license for a single user and cannot be shared without copyright infringement.

Can They Sell Field Manual

Field Manual -
Service Person ($24.95)

Printable Interview Questionnaires & Tools for Servicing Team Members

What's in the Field Manual for Service People?

This Field Manual helps you measure the traits and skills of the best servicing team member. The 10 reprintable tools found in the field manual (a downloadable file) include:

  • Personal Referral Network Worksheet
  • Matching Score Sheet
  • Recruit the Best Checklist
  • Application
  • Phone Interview Questionnaire
  • Email Screen Questionnaire
  • Initial Interview Questionnaire
  • Reference Check Questionnaires
  • Final Interview Questionnaire
  • Interview by Team Member Questionnaire

The field manual is an individual license for a single user and cannot be shared without copyright infringement.

Can They Sell Audio Book

Audio Book ($24.95)

Learn to Recruit the Best on the go with this mp3 version of the book.

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3CTS SalesProfile

CTS SalesProfile Profile Clipboard

CTS SalesProfile

Order a Sales Personality Profile on your candidate.

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3 indepth and invaluable training videos.

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"To hire or not to hire? That is the question... Steve Suggs' book - ‘Can They Sell’ is THE answer! Every sales manager faces the dilemma, should I or shouldn't I hire this candidate? Will this person be a winner or a whiner? Steve Suggs provides wisdom and insight that will lead you to the BEST answer. If you're looking to turn a new hire into a sales superstar, buy this book today."

Jeffrey Gitomer, Author
The Little Book of Leadership and The Sales Bible

"Fully 90% of your success as a sales manager or business owner is determined by the quality of salespeople you have.  This book shows you how to take the guess work out of recruiting top performers."

Brian Tracy, Author
The Psychology of Selling

"The great question: how much do you invest to recruit the best salesperson? The greater question: how much do you lose by recruiting less than the best? Steve Suggs shows you how to get the best on your team in his superlative 'Can They Sell?' Not reading it is like recruiting with one hand tied behind your back."

Jay Conrad Levinson, The Father of Guerrilla Marketing
Author of "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books

"I wish I’d had the information in Can They Sell? when I was a sales manager. I’m a firm believer in systems and Steve Suggs offers the wisest how-to system for hiring sales people I have ever seen."

Tom Hopkins, Author
How to Master the Art of Selling

"When I am hired to train a sales force, the first thing that becomes obvious to me is how well the hiring decisions were made. Some people will sell and some won't…no matter how much you train them. Question number one must be, ‘Can They Sell’ and there are ways to know the answer to this before you hire them. Steve Suggs has done us all a great favor by writing this insightful book. Now we have a guide to make much better decisions and to start people on a path that they too will find satisfying."

Jim Cathcart, Author 
Relationship Selling, Hall of Fame Speaker

"I would sincerely recommend ‘Can They Sell’ as the single best ‘How To’ book on recruiting and selecting salespeople that I have ever read. While there are many other resources in this area, this particular book is the only one that I have found that combines recent research, best practices, personal experience, and step-by-step recommendations by an authority who has ‘been there and done it.’ I especially appreciated access to the forms and questionnaires which are used in every step of the process. I consider it a ‘must read’ for anyone in sales management who wants to hire peak performing salespersons."

Dr. Larry L. Craft, CEO
SalesPower Roundtable™

"Recruiting salespeople is the hardest part of a sales manager’s job. The wrong decision can cost you thousands. Read ‘Can They Sell’ and you’ll discover where to find quality candidates, what to look for in them, and how to look for it. Get it, read it and use it to start recruiting sales superstars."

Dr. Tony Alessandra, Author
Collaborative Selling and The Platinum Rule for Sales Mastery

"In today's business environment, your salespeople are your primary differentiator. To get the best ones, you need to stop trusting your gut and read ‘Can They Sell’."

Jill Konrath, Author
SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies

"Choose the wrong clients, and even the greatest salesperson will fail. Choose the wrong people for your sales force, and you'll never have even one great salesperson. Steve Suggs’ ‘Can They Sell’ sets out a practical and compelling roadmap to recruit the best. Use his systematic approach and you'll achieve true sales success."

Andrew Sobel, Author
Power Questions, Clients for Life, and All for One

"Steve Suggs nails it!  Finally there is a book that teaches you how to do it right. ’Can They Sell’ gives you access to a comprehensive sales recruiting system that really works. Read the book, use the tools and there are no more excuses for the bad hiring decisions that cost you thousands."

Jeb Blount, Author
People Follow You and founder of SalesGravy

"Executives develop strategic plans of grandeur which fall flat when the sales people can’t execute them. These executives quickly come to find that they don’t have the right sales people on the team to do the things that need to be done. In ‘Can They Sell’, Steve Suggs provides executives with an actionable toolkit empowering them to make informed decisions in the hiring process. Read this book and put the methodology into practice!"

Lee B. Salz, Sales Management Strategist and Award Winning Author

"Whether starting out fresh or inheriting a sales team, this is your INSIGHT book. Through stories of experience, statistics and simple examples, Steve demonstrates the art of recruiting. Within these pages are the secrets to what I hear Sales Managers asking all the time: What exactly is the “Best Salesperson Profile”? How do you use Science to measure Personality Traits? And, can you discover hidden character flaws when screening resumes? No longer does hiring a good salesperson have to be a ‘roll of the dice’."

Terri Dunevant, Award-winning Author
The Staircase Principle

"You need a recruiting system--Steve Suggs, in ‘Can They Sell’, tells you how to find and hire the right salespeople. When you select the best, they are successful and don't leave. That equals high growth and makes you a hero. Learn what this book has to teach, and you will have a strong foundation of being a great recruiter and sales coach."

Randy Schwantz, Author  
How to Get Your Competition Fired Without Saying Anything Bad About Them

"Sales managers need a system for finding the best salespeople. If you’re just looking for a ‘warm body’ to fill a sales position, don’t read this book. But if you want to lead a sales force instead of a sales department, make sure you understand and implement the system Steve Suggs lays out in ‘Can They Sell’."

Chris Lytle, Author
The Accidental Sales Manager and The Accidental Salesperson

"Why can’t we find any good salespeople!” thus goes the rant in so many companies, maybe even yours? If so, Steve Suggs has put together the next best thing to cloning... Not reading this book can be costly to you and your business."

Harlan Goerger, President of AskHG
3 time Business Author, Trainer, Consultant

"Recruiting is the #1 challenge facing sales managers. As a fellow sales leadership consultant, I believe Steve Suggs’ book clearly outlines the need for a well thought out process and his recommendations will assist any Sales Manager in hiring a high performance sales team. Read it, use it and your life will be so much better!"

Ken Thoreson, Your Sales Management Guru Acumen Management Group

"This system works!!  I managed sales professionals in 9 states and had worse than a 50% success rate in hiring sales professionals that could meet sales activity/closing expectations.  After spending over $50,000 in recruiting costs over 6-9 month period, I found ‘Can They Sell’, and more importantly the man behind the system, Steve Suggs.  I implemented Steve's system, and my recruiting and hiring success rate improved immediately!  The hardest part was changing my bad habits and implementing the system and tools used in ‘Can They Sell’.  Buy this book and make a winning system work for you.  It works!!"

Harlan P. Goan, Executive VP, FreedomLink Rx, LLC

"Any company wanting to retain good salespeople and increase the bottom line should absolutely read, ‘Can They Sell’. Problems affecting revenue include the employee revolving door syndrome that requires re-hiring, additional training and added paperwork requiring extra help from administrative staff. This book accurately pinpoints the top producing sales personality along with instructions on how to uncover these candidates on initial interviews. If you own a business or are a hiring manager, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by reading this book today!"

Elinor Stutz, Inspirational Speaker and CEO, Smooth Sale, LLC, A Sales Training Company

"I saved $69,000 in payroll in the first year that I used Steve Suggs’ recruiting system that he so clearly outlines in ‘Can They Sell’! For a small business owner, that is life changing!"

Vanessa Brown, State Farm Agent

"I have been in Sales Management and hiring Sales Professionals for almost 15 years. In that time I have never found a system or book that would help me find those ‘Game Changing Thirsty Horses’ like this one does. This ‘hiring playbook’ has now been mapped out for you to almost guarantee your success! Teams win championships because they have great players. Steve Suggs has now given us the system to build that championship team and find those ‘Game Changing Thirsty Horses’!!!"

Dejuan Buford, State Farm Agent

"They say that you lose more sleep over the ones you don't fire, than the ones you do. I've hired and trained many hundreds of sales professionals over the years and I can assure you that investing in the selection process is much more enjoyable than throwing good money after bad money. ‘Can They Sell’ provides you the Recruit the Best recruiting system, which emphasizes attitudes, motivations, character traits, personality traits and sales skills. Pay more attention to recruiting and results will follow."

Kevin Graham, Managing Director of Empowered Sales Training

"In today’s highly competitive business world, making a bad hiring decision can cost you tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, in both soft and hard costs, not to mention lost market share. Steve Suggs demystifies the hiring and interviewing process and provides concrete methods that will help you hire the best sales people for your company. If you manage a sales team and are responsible for hiring new talent, ‘Can They Sell’ is a must-read."

Kelley Robertson, Author
The Secrets of Power Selling and Stop, Ask & Listen: Proven Sales Techniques to Turn Browsers into Buyers

"Every sales manager or company owner trying to build a sales force should read ‘Can They Sell’ by Steve Suggs. It’s a step-by-step guide to building a productive sales team."

Bill Cates, President – Referral Coach International

"So often the job of hiring is a rushed event and not given the attention. We plug a hole. Steve’s approach is easy to follow and its simplicity almost forces you to use it. Not only did I learn about the applicants, I learned about myself and some of the hiring mistakes I am prone to make. Steve’s process helped me hire the right person, not the one I liked, or who laughed at my jokes."

Bill Alsnauer, CLU, State Farm Agent

"Choosing the right people for the right position is a daunting task, but Steve’s program has helped put structure to the necessary steps in choosing the right people."

Pamela Burch, Owner at Pam Burch State Farm Insurance

"The book ‘Can They Sell’ will help you lay out a step by step blueprint on how to hire the right salespeople. With Steve Suggs’ leadership and guidance, I have taken a whole different approach on how we hire or don’t hire. You will see great results when you get the right people in the right seat on the bus."

Doug Carr, South Central Regional Manager Fundraising, Otis Spunkmeyer Inc.

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Can They Sell?

After years of study and practical application, I have discovered a “best practice” recruiting system that answers the question, “Can They Sell?” This system is tied to the knowledge of human behavior, which, when used in recruiting, then becomes the foundation for coaching the members of your sales team. In this book, you will find a process with tools and skills needed for selecting the best from the rest.

Does this sound familiar?

Only one of your last three recruits lasted a year. You're frustrated - they looked good and sounded good - but they couldn't sell.

I’ll help you know:

  • WHERE to find the best salespeople to interview
  • WHAT to look for when interviewing
  • HOW to look for traits and skills - Secrets of great interviewers

You'll learn to:

  • See through the spin during the interview
  • Understand the real reasons people look & sound good but can't sell
  • Increase profits by retaining the Best Salespeople
  • Experience quicker ramp-up times for new reps
  • Coach with less effort and greater impact
  • Grow from a GOOD sales leader to a GREAT sales leader
Steve Suggs

About the Author

As a salesperson, salesmanager, author, speaker, trainer & consultant, Steve Suggs has been in the sales trenches for...
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What People are Saying

"God didn't make many great salespeople, this book will help you find out where they are hidden! Steve Suggs in "Can They Sell" has packed a career's worth of experience hiring top salespeople into a practical guide. I have personally worked with Steve, adopted his recruiting strategies and tools, and seen the quality of my hiring decisions continue to increase."

Glenn Frazier
New Horizons Computer Learning Center

"I promise you, this information is new and comprehensive. You won't find it anywhere else.Great books always have an author who has persevered and overcome countless challenges. Steve's disciplined focus to create best practices for sales managers is unlike anything I have ever witnessed. In this book, Steve gives you all the answers you need to find and select top-performing salespeople. No, it's not simple and it's not intended to be. Simple doesn't work when building champion teams."

Robert Terson
Author: Selling Fearlessly

"I knew that I needed to improve my interviewing skills but didn't know where to turn. This book gives a step by step process to hire a salesperson. Before I bought the book I communicated with some of Steve's past clients and they all gave him rave reviews. Between the book and the workbook I know I will be able to make a great hire."

Cynthia Fletcher
Insurance and Financial Services

"This is by far the best hiring process out there. Steve wrote the book out of necessity, he has been through it and there was nothing out there for him to learn from. I felt the same way until I read the book, he also has a field manual which has all of the questioning you will need for phone interview, email, etc."

Josh Bolduc
Financial Service and P&C Insurance Sales

"12 months ago we were making our sales hires with a primary focus on intuition and measurable sales skills. Now, thanks to the proven system Steve teaches in this book, we're able to look at all 5 dimensions of each candidate - taking the guesswork out of our hiring process. This book/system has totally transformed the way we recruit and hire sales people, giving us the tools we need to hire people who are actually wired and motivated to do what we do. Couldn't be more pleased with the results."

Eric Holeman
Locals Love

"The price of the book does not do it justice because the value from the book is worth 100x times the price. To support each idea, the author shares real life examples from his experience in hiring and working with companies. In my opinion, Steve Suggs' proven track record makes this a valuable book for sales managers."

Mark Hunter
"The Sales Hunter"

"If you are in Sales Management, do yourself a favor and read this book. And then read it again. If you aren't using these metrics and techniques when making sales hires, you might get lucky and hire a quality salesperson who will excel...but odds are you won't. In this book, Steve offers a step by step process that screens and identifies quality candidates that are likely to be the sales superstars your organization needs."

Pat Curtsinger
Sales Leader, Kendall Electric, Inc.

"Every once in a while something comes along that challenges conventional wisdom. In this book Steve Suggs has done just that. For years I have been using and evolving a recruiting and hiring process that has served me fairly well. Conceptually it is not much different than that which the author describes in this book. Where the difference comes in, is the "Recruit the Best" system relies on the science of well crafted questions aligned perfectly with a Personality Questionnaire, whereas my process relied heavily on my experience and gut instinct. It's as if Steve took my old process and placed it on steroids. If you are a sales manager this is a must read and implement - Kudos Steve!"

Bill Hoos
Agency Sales Pro, LLC
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