The people you recruit for your sales and prospecting teams are critical for success. Bad sales hires cost you. Recruiting salespeople well is a cornerstone to ultimate sales team success.

ONE bad sales hire =


off the bottom line


We know how you feel. It seems like all the good salespeople are taken. The ones you have may perform inconsistently. You’ve constantly been let down by hiring someone — only to find out six months later that they really are not cut out for selling your products. Assessments can help, and predictability soars when you have personalities and skills that match. But real transformation goes deeper than that. It goes to Character, Attitudes and Motivations.


A healthy sales culture covers a lot of things.

A truly good sales culture scores wins with sourcing, hiring, on-boarding, coaching, training, compensation and much more. But it goes beyond that. The best teams have a strong culture of mentoring, authenticity and trust. There is a good philosophy, a good plan, and there are good results. There are very good systems in place. People prosper and the company prospers. Clients prosper. Others want to join the team and friends are eager to refer people they know to you.


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Having a complete system Is critical

Sales turnover is a killer for many companies. Turnover costs can erase up to 10% from your bottom line. Besides the cost in dollars, there is the tremendous emotional hit to your team when you have to let reps go.

The first step to improvement is to hire better. At Sales Manage Solutions, we teach a hiring system. It is called Recruit The Best™.  Many companies have good individual practices for different aspects of recruiting, but few have a top-to-bottom system. Our system integrates the entire process, from sourcing to screening to assessments to interviews to hiring.

Sales assessments are good. But are they enough?

Yes, assessments are good, and we believe in them. In fact, we have two of the best sales recruiting assessments out there, the CTS Sales Profile and the Learning Style Survey. But assessments can only go so far. Deeper-level interviewing is vital, and we help you do it. Having an objective report in your hands from the beginning (the assessment reports) can help unearth not only possible stress areas but also great opportunity areas for a given candidate.


Are you truly ready to coach your team to greatness?