Complete System and Process for Recruiting the Best Sales Team

SalesManage Solutions believes strongly that using a complete system is the best way for you to transform your sales culture.  We offer several such time-tested systems for recruiting, coaching, and sales culture development.

The Recruit the Best™ system can help you hire better salespeople. It contains the well-known CTS Sales Profile and the LSS Learning Style Survey assessments as tools, but it also contains much more.  It also lays a foundation for proper sales candidate sourcing, screening, assessment-taking, interviewing, candidate scoring and finally, decision-making.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Recruiting

Take a minute to watch this 2-minute video with SalesManage Solutions’ founder and CEO, Lance Cooper. Lance explains in a few words why this system is so powerful and transformative.


The Recruit the Best™ Can They Sell? field manual is a treasure trove of recruiting helps and guidance.

It’s About an Entire System

The Recruit the Best™ System is an entire resource package that covers sourcing, screening, assessing, interviewing and score-carding the best sales candidates.

The field manual is a core part of this system, packed with printable worksheets, screening and layered-interview questions, score sheets and much more.

We also supply recorded training webinars for you to study. The most powerful training often comes in the personal, 1:1 telephone calls with our trainers when you need to get feedback on an assessment. In addition, we have an optional online university with over 35 video lessons covering the entire RTB system.

The field manual can be ordered separately here. The online university Recruit The Best™ program, consisting in seven courses, is here.


Thirty years of experience has isolated 9 traits. A certain combination and amount of each trait helps a salesperson perform well and with less stress.

The Core of the System

Our thirty years of experience have helped us isolate nine key personality traits that predict sales success.  Scientifically-validated data from your industry (or even your own company) can spotlight how your  candidate’s score matches up with the most successful salespeople in your industry.

The CTS Sales Profile gives you over 15 reports and coaching tips for both individuals and teams. The accompanying Learning Style Survey produces several GMA reports (matched to sales performance statistics) that assist you in assessing a candidate’s learning style and related job performance capabilities.

The candidate’s CTS and LSS reports also form the backbone for the on-boarding and coaching plan, once a candidate is hired.


Please explain the difference between the CTS Profile and Recruit the Best

The CTS Sales Profile and LSS Learning Style Survey are online personality and learning style assessments.

The Recruit The Best™ system is an entire sales and prospecting recruiting system.  Its core objective “tools” are the CTS Sales Profile and the Learning Style Survey, which give you many reports about a candidate’s or team member’s personality traits, inherent sales skills and learning style.

They both play a key part in the determination of “predictability” for sales success of a candidate. But these objective assessments only add partial predictability to the formula (> 25% for the CTS and 20-35% for the LSS, according to research).

Even more important for hiring success is your educated assessment of Character, Attitude and Motivation in a candidate. These are best determined by other parts of the RTB system, which includes:

  • A Sourcing system that will fill your sales applicant pipeline with quality candidates
  • The correct Screening process and the questions you need to screen with
  • Systematic interviewing with an objective report in hand and a layered-question guide
  • Multiple inputs tracking a candidate’s conscientiousness and emotional intelligence 
  • A systematic decision process based on objective elements taught in the RTB system.

The Recruit The Best™ system is basically contained in our Recruit the Best™ field manual and is reinforced by SMS coaches in 1:1 phone calls as you debrief CTS/LSS results with us. You can also study the system, get the manual, and download the many helpful handouts and sheets as an enrollee in the 7-course RTB Online University.

Can the CTS Sales Profile be purchased separately or only as part of the entire system?

It is possible to buy the CTS/LSS (CTS Sales Profile / Learning Style Profle)assessment sets here a la carte. Quantity discounts are available.  We also have business plans available in Basic, Advanced, and Premier packages that combine assessments with support, resources, training and even mentoring. Please go here to check out the plans available:


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System Includes These Tools

Selling, Coaching and profiling reports for hiring better salespeople



Selling, Coaching and profiling reports for hiring better salespeople



Selling, Coaching and profiling reports for hiring better salespeople



Selling, Coaching and profiling reports for hiring better salespeople




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How do we start using the CTS Assessment?

There are a number of ways to begin using the CTS Sales Profile and the LSS Learning Style Survey for your sales recruiting and team culture building.

  1. You can purchase the assessments a la carte, singly or in quantities with discount. The a la carte purchase page is here.
  2. Many clients elect an unlimited plan or negotiate an unlimited-use contract with SMS. The pricing is based upon the number of hires planned in a year. The contracts are annual and paid monthly or as an annual payment. CALL.
  3. There are package plans available that combine the profiles with the Recruit The Best™ system. They can be found here.

How are the assessments delivered?

The CTS Sales Profile and LSS Learning Style Survey are online personality and learning style assessments. When you pre-pay to purchase an assessment, you can register your candidate to complete the online questionnaire. After your candidate completes the online CTS questionnaire, you are provided reports showing your candidate’s personality style, compared to that of a particular sales or service role, based on the way the candidate responded to the questions. These reports can be downloaded as PDF and printed in an attractive format.

All of this is done through your unique online dashboard/panel connected to your account. (Even purchasers of a single assessment set get a perpetual panel.)

You will also receive results from the Learning Style Survey (LSS). This assessment is an online untimed assessment which measures a candidate’s speed and accuracy in using linguistic, quantitative and problem-solving skills. By default, the CTS Sales Profile is given with the LSS component. It is possible to configure your organizational settings in your admin panel/ dashboard to allow the assessments to be given separately if desired.

How can I get more information?

Please contact SalesManage Solutions, either by phone or by filling out an info request here.