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True transformation takes the long view, and extends out of the workplace into the lives of the team members and those around them.


Our systems, tools, and resources are based on new research + timeless moral principles.

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Holistic change affects everyone closest to us, and sets up future generations for success.
Lance Cooper

Lance Cooper, Founder

A Tale of Two Salesmen

After stints in engineering, retail, teaching, and direct selling, Lance Cooper finally found his passion in sales training. He founded SalesManage Solutions in 2000, and dozens of books and several training programs later, Lance experienced great success helping sales teams improve their face-to-face skills.

He persuaded Steve Suggs, a former Northwestern Mutual Agency Manager, to bring his expertise to Sales Manage, and over the past twenty+  years, Steve has helped Sales Manage Solutions’ double its sales revenue almost every year.

The two noticed that some salespeople failed to increase their sales, despite understanding and even practicing better listening, presenting, and closing skills. What was the problem? They began to identify other factors, such as sales planning and activity management, that affect consistent goal achievement.

As they continually trained client companies, they used a number of assessments to help sales leaders understand their teams and recruit with better information. They soon migrated to Dr. Larry Craft’s CPQ (Craft Personality Questionnaire) which had been used in many large corporations with great success. It was written up in the Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review and used sales-specific data gleaned from testing millions of sales representatives at all levels and statistically linking their responses to the data collected from their assessments.

Steve Suggs

Steve Suggs, Co-Owner

When Dr. Craft sold the CPQ to a large international company, Lance and Steve approached him to find out if he would help them develop a next-level assessment for SalesManage Solutions. As soon as his non-compete clause was over, he helped them do just that, and SMS bought the full rights to the new CTS Sales Profile.


Bill Stevenson – Agent

“I am excited to have access to Steve’s experience along with the tools he has provided to help me find, coach, and retain an outstanding sales team.”

Dana Kerr – Agent

“I knew that a top performing team would be the key to my agency’s success. Thanks to Steve and his personal interaction with me, my hiring process is extremely efficient,…

Bradley Purcell – Agent

“Steve’s book Can They Sell has been a valuable resource for me and my company. It has helped to decipher which candidates are the absolute best at the role of…

Cindy Doyle – Agent

“I not only had Steve assist me with team hiring, but I’ve referred him to several other agents who have used his services with excellent results.”

Steve Cannon – Lifetime Presidents Club (38 times), Presidents Club Trophy ( twice top 10)

“The Recruit the Best Team system is an absolute necessity in business as you build your sales team.” Steve lists also: Exotic Traveler, Chairman’s Circle, Lifetime MDRT, Chrystal Excellence (20 year…

Larry Hutto – Agent | Chairman Circle, Ambassador Travel

Using the CTS profile, I am saving time by not having to interview the non-qualified candidates. When I do get a high score, then I know it is someone who…

Elinor Stutz
Inspirational Speaker & CEO, Smooth Sale, LLC

“Any company wanting to retain good salespeople and increase the bottom line should absolutely read, ‘Can They Sell’. Problems affecting revenue include the employee revolving door syndrome that requires re-hiring,…

Bill Alsnauer, CLU
Agent, State Farm

“So often the job of hiring is a rushed event and not given the attention. We plug a hole. Steve’s approach is easy to follow and its simplicity almost forces…

David Surber
David Surber
Cellular Sales

Over a two-year period, we increased our sales by over 100%. It has been rewarding to see so many folks come into the company and become prosperous. I am watching young men and women grow.

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1996 Lance Cooper Starts Sales Training Consultancy

Lance Cooper, after leaving a Chemical Engineering job at Goodyear and adding a Masters in Speech and Theater at the University of Tennessee, goes into full-time sales training. Though Lance had no contacts and this tough field was built around cold calling, he had finally found his passion. With a

2000 SalesManage Solutions Founded

After working for a number of years with his first sales consulting company, underlicense to Ron Willingham’s Integrity Training Systems (at that time called Ron Willingham’s Salestraining Inc.), Lance formed his own company and developed training materials from his wide range of experiences. He took notes, read dozens of books,

2001 Steve Suggs Joins SMS

2001 — Steve Suggs Joins SalesManage Solutions as co-Owner and Partner   Our systems, tools, resources are based on new research + timeless moral principles. Our systems, tools, resources.

Partners with CPQ Assessment

Our systems, tools, resources are based on new research + timeless moral principles. Our systems, tools, resources.

Develops CTS Sales Profile

Develops CTS Sales Profile

LSS (Learning Style Survey) Launched

The Learning Style Survey, a GMA companion to The CTS Sales Profile assessment, was developed and launched in partnership with Dr. Larry Craft.

Begins Online University Training System

Begins Online University Training System


Our systems, tools, resources are based on new research + timeless moral principles. Our systems, tools, resources.


  Our systems, tools, resources are based on new research + timeless moral principles. Our systems, tools, resources.



Lance Cooper

Lance was a leading national Sales consultant when he decided to start his own independent sales training company.

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Steve Suggs

Co-Owner Partner

After graduating, Steve got a job Northwestern Mutual Life. While working as a field rep there, he began to assist…

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Jennifer Walters

Client Services Director

Manages Client Accounts, Operations, and Customer Process & Satisfaction

Travis Zigler

IT / Developer

SMS and CTS Developer

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Agency Support and Multimedia

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