FAQ - Sales Coaching

These FAQ’s will help you better understand our sales coaching training offers. Feel free to submit more questions to us on our CONTACT page.





What exactly can you do to help me be a better sales coach?

Sales coaching training is a major part of the SalesManage Solutions’ DNA.  We have taught hundreds of sales coaches and watched amazing transformations take place.

We have a program called Coach The Best™ which is available to you in an online university setting or (for larger groups) a live custom-engineered teaching series for your company’s sales coaches. This training also offers a certification process with certificate and online badge, if you would like to have yourself or your people certified.

In addition, several of our business transformation plans for small to medium-sized businesses include a coaching training element.

Please call for more information.

We feel like we coach fairly well in an informal way. Do we need more than that?

Many companies have pretty good sales leaders and they earn and keep trust and rapport with their team. That is commendable. But often it is on a different level than what can be achieved by a systematic sales coaching training discipline with proper instruction and practice.

We teach you a complete coaching *system* (the best sports coaches have defined systems). You can implement this system to benefit your company’s sales reps, and help them grow in many ways. We also train YOU on how to be a better leader as you learn to work that system and help your people succeed better, make more money, and be happier.

This process is often a transformative experience for a company and may well lead to a different “culture” than you had before. If you do follow sports coaches, you know that the great ones work hard to instill a “culture” in their entire organization, from the staff to the players to the coaches themselves.

The best coaching cultures make everyone’s lives better and happier, as well as more profitable and competitive.

What specific coaching skills do you teach?

With our training, you look at the basic coaching skills you need to develop into a great coach: You learn to listen better and ask the right questions. You help your team learn how to meet team goals as well as sales goals. We help train you to coach proper daily sales and prospecting activity levels. You learn how to  lead others with accountability tools, leaderboards, meetings, and much more.

We also teach you how to build, recruit and mold your team into a cohesive unit. We led you through team assessments and team coaching reports derived from those assessments. We help you learn how to take the knowledge of their individual personalities and match up team members so that they can better assist and motivate each other.

Beyond that, we help you work on improving your emotional intelligence and your ability to mentor people in all sorts of circumstances. You learn how to help people from different generations improve their ambition, find their “noble aim,” and set personal goals and dream personal dreams. You essentially help your people to become better people. Also, of course, you learn better how to teach them a better way to sell. Our goal is to have your sales reps selling what they love to sell in a way that makes people love them.

What is the difference between the different types of sales coaching you offer?

SalesManage Solutions offers basically three types of sales coaching training:

  1. We offer the Coach The Best™ program and certification. This program is available in two options:
    –  Online university training for Coach the Best™ with online certification
    – Live training in larger groups, either virtually-based or on site or at SMS headquarters
  2. We also offer customized sales management contracts that include negotiated levels of coaching training as well as sales recruiting training and other elements. CALL.
  3. Our small-medium-sized business plans include some coaching and sales team management consulting and training along with subscriptions to sales recruiting assessments and other benefits.

Ready to coach your team to greatness?