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Reverse low sales and turnover frustrations with the best recruiting and coaching systems for you or your sales leaders. Stop the inconsistent sales and cash flow with people who can sell what you sell at the right levels and in the right way.

Let us help you with 1-1 consulting and training and customized tools for your success.

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It’s difficult to stop and learn and grow these days. That’s why our online training school will help you and your recruiting personnel get better. In a convenient and cost effective way, we will certify them as experts to recruit the best high-activity salespeople without traveling or paying high training dollars. Try a proven and state-of-the art digital training process!

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Tony Crouch

In the past, I did not fully understand the impact of bad attitudes on my team. I did not move fast enough to handle these in a kind and direct manner - i.e., Clear Talk, or, if necessary remove them for the health of the team.

Two reps were under performing and I hadn't recognized that one of the reps was pulling the other down with him. I made the decision to let the rep with the bad attitude go. I continued to coach the remaining rep to team standards. The following month he was 3rd on our team and has now created a competition with the other reps who he also pulled up with him. Get rid of a cancer and the body will recover, and, perhaps, lift the rest of the team.

Tony Crouch
Cellular Sales
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