Sales is an interesting business. We all know of companies that “Live with the churn” of salespeople. They hire a lot of them, throw them out there and wait to see shat “sticks.”

Perhaps you have worked in a sales organization like that before. You may even have one like that now. It is painful for all concerned.


We have heard so many clients tell us that they want to solve the turnover problem, and need help. That is a great start!  First, you have to start with a lot of introspection. Look at these considerations:

  • Turnover is exacerbated by inadequate sales hiring. Many want to sell, but far fewer really can sell. They struggle to make the grade. Then you have to let them go.
  • Turnover is also a symptom of an unhealthy sales culture. People are not that happy.  Even the best ones look around. They find something and leave.
  • Turnover may also be a symptom of a poor coaching system, especially one that does not help reps set goals and achieve the levels they need to prosper.
  • Turnover is self-perpetuating. One of the keys to getting out of the cycle is to hire better people to begin with. However, your best sources for new sales candidates are the reps you already have, who can recommend you to their friends in sales. If they are not happy and prosperous, they will not encourage their friends to come and work there either.

Take a quick journey of discovery with us and see if it can help!

Shawn Achor, author of Big Potential and The Happiness Advantage, wrote:

“Turnover can be one of the most expensive problems at a company” — Shawn Achor

Welcome to this “Discovery” track!

As you go through these few pages, we will introduce you to a simple process:

  1. Discover what is really needed and why.
  2. Catch a hopeful vision for transforming your processes, systems and culture.
  3. Dig down into what a transformation experience looks like.
  4. Look at some simple Next Steps that you can follow.