This is an introduction to the transformative experience of becoming a better leader – a successful leader of people who sell. Its an introduction to a disciplined training process. This process will, if you allow it to shape you, make you more influential with those you hope to teach, mentor and coach into being high-activity sales professionals. It will stretch and build your leadership for many other parts of your life as well.


  • Solving the turnover problem begins with hiring salespeople really well.
  • Hiring well is difficult because often the candidate pool is not very deep. So we must learn to source better.
  • Once sourcing improves, our hiring pipeline begins to fill and a higher grade of sales candidates comes in.
  • With the proper screening methods and assessment tools, really good candidates are quickly spotted.
  • The hiring process itself begins to lay the groundwork for great on-boarding and even coaching, should the candidate be chosen.
  • The newly hired reps are immediately brought into a great on-boarding and mentoring program.
  • Enthusiasm grows and the coaching team helps the new rep get a good start and a good path to success.
  • New reps begin to pass on the enthusiasm about the company to others and interest grows in working for the company.
  • The cycle repeats itself.
  • Stress levels go down across the team.
  • Personal success, team success and enthusiasm grow significantly.
  • The entire sales culture begins to change and the business reaps the rewards in profits and reputation.

Let’s do a little self-assessment:

keep going … the path gets easier!