There is seldom a more painful experience in sales management than realizing a new hire that you had high hopes for “Just cannot sell.”  It is a heartbreak experience known to most sales leaders. But what can we do to make things better? Do we just accept the idea that sales management is a process of throwing new people on the wall and seeing if they stick? Is “churn” the secret to sales success, along with a spinning revolving door?


Most of us, as leaders and managers, really want the best for our sales reps. We also want the very best for our clients. Deep down inside, we know that if we take care of those basics, the business will not only take care of itself, but it will flourish.

But how do we get there?

It starts with hiring the right people. You must hire quality people. This can be difficult and often frustrating, we know!

How do you hire “Quality?” Easier said than done!

We suggest that you take the quick survey to your right and then look at the results of what others have entered, and then follow with us down this short discovery track.

Once we learn the correct way to hire — our entire team culture begins to improve.

Welcome to this “Discovery” track!

As you go through these few pages, we will introduce you to a simple process:

  1. Discover what is really needed and why.
  2. Catch a hopeful vision for transforming your processes, systems and culture.
  3. Dig down into what a transformation experience looks like.
  4. Look at some simple Next Steps that you can follow.