Here are some of the real issues in hiring salespeople who can Sell what you sell so that people love them (and you).

Modern workplace research has shown that Conscientiousness is one of the greatest predictors of success for any job. At SalesManage Solutions, we agree. And we’ll talk more about that shortly.

We do, however, have our own formula for success in hiring salespeople. It goes like this:

Be sure and recruit for:

  • Character

  • Attitude

  • Motivation

  • Skills

  • Personality

Recruiting for Character should be obvious. But how do you discern character? Do you try to do this through general interviews, rely on personal references, check criminal records, all the above? All of these provide some clues. However, there are other ways to check a person’s character and they involve a certain type of screening and interviewing process. How do you check for character now?

Evaluating a person’s Attitude can be tricky.  But it is crucial, especially in sales. Sales is arguably your company’s most outward-facing position. It is your face. It is your company’s personality. The attitudes your sales reps display project your company culture out into the heart and soul of your market. Attitudes are critical. Are your reps aggressive? Condescending? Self-important? Caring? Confident? Worried?

Worried about your sales culture?

Worried about sales hiring?

We have a survey to help you determine your system:

There is a lot more that can be said about the emotional toll as well as the financial toll of bad sales hires.

We have all been there.