The CTS Sales Profile is a Key Element in Transformed Sales Recruiting

Recruiting is a cornerstone for both present and future success in any business. Great sports programs know that. They stop at nothing to find and recruit the very best potential athletes. They know they need them to win.

How do you find and recruit the best prospective salespeople? How do you determine if they have what it takes to sell what you sell, and to sell it in such a way that your customers love the results?

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Take the Guesswork out of Recruiting

Many sales recruiters tend to hire “from the gut.”  A candidate comes in and interviews pretty well, basically “selling” the hiring manager and the recruiter.

It all seems so right. You really like them.

The problem is, many of those candidates are not really wired to sell what you sell. They simply do not have the traits to perform the necessary sales activities day after day at the level you need. Often they work under extreme stress trying to fit into a role that is not a natural match for their personality. This stress can hurt them and also slow the team down.

We believe it is possible to spot many of the underlying issues in advance by using good tools, before you hire. A scientifically-validated (per industry) sales assessment is a tool that greatly enhances predictability of sales success. The CTS Sales Profile is such a tool. We developed the CTS profile in partnership with Dr. Larry Craft, the original creator of the Craft Personality Questionnaire (CPQ). Back in the day, the CPQ was one of the world’s pioneering sales assessments. It was written up in The Wall Street Journal, the Harvard Business Review, and many other business publications. Over its lifetime it was given to tens of millions of sales candidates in small and large corporations around the world.

After Dr. Craft sold his profile and client base, we entered into an agreement with him and his team and produced our next-generation sales assessment, the CTS Sales Profile. After that, we also worked with Dr. Craft to release the companion assessment, the LSS, (Learning Style Survey).  (You can learn more about Dr. Craft and the history of the CTS  and RTB system here.)

Can they make

$ 200K


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The CTS is a great assessment, but should be paired with a proven system for best results.


Find people who can sell

Don't hire just because you like someone. Assess their sales traits.

15+ Reports

Sales Style, Sales Skills, Coaching Report and much more.

1:1 Telephone Debriefs

Each assessment is on your admin panel and includes SMS debriefs as needed.

Learning Style Survey Included

The LSS, a top GMA (General Mental Ability) survey, is included.

Certifications Available

Certifications are available for CTS EXPERT, Recruit the Best™ and other SMS systems.


The first thing you see at the top of the page is the compatibility score expressed as a percentage – 62%, 78%, etc. This shows the degree of match to a sales position.

It’s All About Compatibility

The main profile report is on one easily-understood page. The first thing you see at the top of the page is the compatibility score, expressed as a percentage: 62%, 78%, etc. This shows shows you the degree of match to known performers in a sales position. In addition, a compatibility rating of high, moderate, or low is shown — providing you with an easy-to-understand predictability scale.

A second page report shows scores for the 5 most important scales of “Sales Competencies.” The scores for these competencies help direct you to specific areas for deeper investigation during the interview process. They also help and guide you on the coaching side with your new hires and also existing reps.


Thirty years of experience has isolated 9 traits. A certain combination and amount of each trait helps a salesperson perform well and with less stress.

Nine Scales

30-plus years of experience have taught us the importance of  9 basic personality traits that often predict success in sales. Salespeople possessing these traits usually perform sales activities with less stress. The CTS profile report gives candidate scores relative to an ideal range in each trait. You can see at a glance with each trait where the candidate scored within the statistical range of successful sales professionals. The traits shown are deadline-motivation, independent spirit, assertiveness, analytical, self-promotion, compassion, recognition drive, belief in others, and optimism.


Bill Stevenson – Agent

“I am excited to have access to Steve’s experience along with the tools he has provided to help me find, coach, and retain an outstanding sales team.”

Dana Kerr – Agent

“I knew that a top performing team would be the key to my agency’s success. Thanks to Steve and his personal interaction with me, my hiring process is extremely efficient,…

Bradley Purcell – Agent

“Steve’s book Can They Sell has been a valuable resource for me and my company. It has helped to decipher which candidates are the absolute best at the role of…

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SalesManage Solutions has an entire site dedicated to the CTS.

CTS Sales Profile à la carte PRICING & SPECS

You can purchase CTS Sales Profile / Learning Style Survey sets in various ways:

Single sets, quantity discounts (beginning with 5), Unlimited Use subscriptions, custom contracts, or as part of a Recruit The Best™ system package.


CTS Sales Profile

Main assessment with over a dozen reports. Takes appx. 25 minutes.

LSS Learning Style Survey

GMA (General Mental Ability) assessment with three reports. Measures speed and accuracy in verbal, cognitive and problem-solving areas. Candidates do not have a timer, but time taken is evaluated. Bundled with the CSS. Takes 20-30 minutes.

Permanent Admin Panel Access

With your first assessment set, you receive a permanent access panel with login, where all reports are stored, new assessments can be ordered and sent out, etc.

2-hour Recorded Training Webinar

A 2-hour Recorded Training Webinar (online) is included and access is sent to you upon purchase.

1:1 Telephone Debriefs

You can schedule a 1:1 telephone debrief session with a SMS recruiting coach for any candidate / assessment you need help with. (Included)

Scientific Validity and AI-supplied data

The CTS was developed and is updated as a combined effort with SMS and Dr. Larry Craft, a 50+ year leader in the industry. It is scientifically validated for sales professionals and is used in many different industries.

$175/ SET

Quantity discounts available at link.

Need bulk pricing or have questions?
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15+ reports

1x Sales Coaching Analysis

1:1 Telephone debrief and analysis

1x Candidate Life Coaching Report

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What do I get when I buy?

The CTS Sales Profile and LSS Learning Style Survey are online personality and learning style assessments. When you pre-pay to purchase an assessment, you can register your candidate to complete the online questionnaire. After your candidate completes the online CTS questionnaire, you are provided reports showing your candidate’s personality style, compared to that of a particular sales or service role, based on the way the candidate responded to the questions.

You will also receive results from the Learning Style Survey (LSS). This assessment is an online untimed assessment which measures a candidate’s speed and accuracy in using linguistic, quantitative and problem-solving skills.

How will it be delivered?

Both the CTS Sales Profile and the LSS Learning Style Survey are delivered online, through our proprietary account panel and dashboard. You will have your own unique login. The assessments are given to the candidate online and may be taken with either a desktop computer or a mobile device. All reports are stored in your online panel and are accessible at any time to you. They can also be downloaded as PDF’s and are easily printed in an attractive format.

What if I want a refund?

The CTS Sales Profile and LSS Learning Style Survey come with a 30-day guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your assessments, please contact us.

What exactly is a report "DEBRIEF" and how does the 1:1 telephone debrief and coaching session work?

With each purchase of a $175 retail “set” of our assessments (CTS and LSS packaged together), you are entitled to one telephone debrief of the results, if you want it. There is no additional cost and no obligation. It comes with the profile. This service exists purely to help you understand the results and how they apply to the candidate or staff member who took the assessment(s).

Often, clients who are newer to our assessments and the Recruit The Best™ system in general will call us repeatedly. They need to get the introductory coaching to learn how to interpret the results and gauge the predictability for sales success (or not) for a particular candidate.  As our clients get more familiar with the whole system, they usually get more adept at interpreting for themselves. However, sometimes very puzzling results come in for certain candidates and we will get a call to help a client over a particular hiring hurdle. We encourage these calls. Sales Manage Solutions has often been told that we are unique in offering service at this high level, as many assessment companies only give written or email debriefs, or charge extra for phone consultation. We are not in that class. SMS is intensely dedicated to helping you understand how to recruit, coach and lead your sales team and will do whatever it takes to ensure YOUR success. We love the personal involvement in your sales transformation process.

The calls are presently handled personally by our two owners, Lance Cooper and Steve Suggs, or by our VP of Sales, Rodney Hightower. All of these coaches have years  of sales recruiting and coaching experience. You simply set up the call by going to the appropriate phone calendar here, and requesting a CTS (or LSS) debrief on the phone.