This is an introduction to the transformative experience of becoming a better leader – a successful leader of people who sell.

It is an introduction to the disciplined training process that will, if you allow it to shape you, make you more influential.  It can help you drastically improve the lives of those you teach, mentor and coach. Beyond that, it will help mold them into successful high-activity sales professionals.

In the process, It will stretch and build your own life as well.


You may be surprised that we start off with the need for a coaching system and then move straight to mentoring.


Research has shown that emotional intelligence in both salespeople and in their leaders is an extremely predictive key to gauging success. We at SMS have discovered that the ability of the sales leaders and coaches to connect, empathize and also direct their teams has a tremendous effect.  In fact, as this grows, it can lead to a transformation experience for both the leader and the team.


Going to a system approach for sales coaching may seem paradoxical after beginning with emotional intelligence. However, it is not.  In order to build a culture of great coaching, you need to have a systematic approach. You need to have a scientific method for really understanding your sales reps and a methodical system for helping them plot and track their goals. They need accountability along with encouragement. In fact, the two often build on each other.

It is in this accountability area that most of us feel weak. A great system can help.

A great system includes:

  • Science-based assessments of each team member’s sales skills, personality traits, and stress levels.
  • Foundational interviews with sales leaders.
  • Proper on-boarding and team placement.
  • Assignment of mentors and buddy-system help.
  • Personal goal sitting with a sales coach.
  • Income needs evaluation and charting a pathway to get there.

“Great coaches believe the individual will win and the team will win. What they do and say builds confidence in eventual success.” — Lance Cooper ™

See how this all fits together