We have said it before here. We are in the transformation business. It sounds a bit radical, but radical things are needed in this age. Sales is not just a profession; it is a life. And the best salespeople are people who lead transformed lives.


The most exciting thing that we get to experience in this business is watching people really change and become better, happier people. Of course people become happy when they make more money. But that is only part of it. When you actually hear the stories (often stories of people who have gone through our program) you hear a lot of emotional words, as well as practical words. You experience things like:

  • Tears
  • Jubilant celebration
  • Relief
  • Comaraderie
  • Enlightenment
  • “Aha!” moments
  • Real, honest gratitude.
  • Admiration
  • Redemption
  • New beginnings

Those things and many more things like them, are what real coaching is about. No matter whether you are coaching soccer, tennis, or sales. It is pretty similar in what happens.

We will be bringing you some stories of transformations here on this page as we build this out (this is a new site). We could tell them in our words rightnow, but we want to get some of our friends to tell them in their words.

Do come back and learn more about the transformation that can happen.

“People respond to leadership. Not to systems” — Lance Cooper