You probably know some great coaches. Do you also know some very successful sales coaches and team leaders? They are out there. Most likely they are so good because of their mindset.  Mindset comes from a philosophy and a lot of discipline and hard work. But it also comes from living and working around great examples. The very best of these also become something really powerful: Mentors.


We want to give you a big dose of hope here. We know some teams that have made fantastic transformations in their bottom line, their enthusiasm level, and their peoples’ lives.  They usually produce a significant change of mindset in the process. And more often than not, there is a  lot of mentoring going on.

Did you know that one of the most crucial problems for younger workers today is their dearth of mentors? Many did not grow up in strong families, or have good mentors when young.  They may be really good people, but they need leadership and they need models to follow. They need coaches that will understand them personally and then help them to develop the attitudes, motivation and character to be great salespeople, not to mention great people.

It is amazing that when a good coaching and mentoring effort gets going, both the teachers and the pupils undergo a change in mindset.

But transforming your coaching is not just about changing your mindset and prioritizing people as a goal. It gets very practical.

Do this quick self-check”

  • Does our team really look out for the best for all members?
  • Do I as a coach help them set goals?
  • Do we help them discover the WHY in their career? (Including why they are in sales, why they need a certain goal, and what they are trying to achieve in life?)
  • Do we hold them accountable, with the right spirit, to encourage their growth?
  • Do we all believe that we can succeed and do we practice the disciplines of successful salespeople?
  • Do I know how to really lead them?

Questions like these could go on and on. But you get the picture.

Maybe you wonder if that sort of approach would really work? The answer is yes!

“Salespeople watch what their leaders say, do, praise, and discipline — to learn what’s important, allowed, and worth the effort. They behave to their expectations.”  — Lance Cooper

hope is a precious commodity. people follow those who have hope.