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Hello, I am Steve Suggs, sales recruiting expert and author of the book, Can They Sell. Welcome to my sales recruitment video blog where you learn to hire the best sales people.

Every month, I conduct many coaching sessions with managers who are hiring salespeople. A common question is, “What’s my next step?” I like to hear this question because it tells me that the sales manager is following the process.

Following a process helps us thoroughly analyze the candidate and keeps us from making a costly hiring mistake.

There are many tools inside my system for hiring salespeople, but one of my favorites is the Recruit the Best Checklist. This is a simple checklist that you follow throughout the recruiting process. If you follow this checklist, it will help you in these three ways.  (You can find the checklist in the Field Manual at www.CanTheySell.com)


Three Benefits of Using the Recruit the Best Checklist


1.  It will keep you from becoming overwhelmed with a big decision by breaking it down into a series of small decisions.

The first step on the checklist is to “Review the Resume”. Here, we simply make a small decision. If the candidate demonstrates on their resume the traits and qualities that fit the position, then we simply move to step two – “Screen by Phone”. We then conduct the phone screen by asking the questions on the “Phone Screen Questionnaire”.  After the phone interview, we make another small decision as to whether or not to move the candidate to step three – “Screen by E-mail”. We then review the email screen and make another small decision. Each step is a simple, small decision.

2.  It helps us make a logical decision based on the facts and avoid an emotional decision based on how much we like the candidate.

Once we start liking the candidate, it’s important to put the brakes on our emotions. The best way to control our emotions is to simply move to the next step and avoid the emotional decision of skipping steps.

3.  It helps us compile the entire picture.

Each step on the checklist gives us a piece of the puzzle. Move to the next step, and you collect an additional piece of the puzzle. By the time you get to the end of the checklist, you’ve accumulated enough pieces to make an informed decision based upon many dimensions of the individual rather than on a few small pieces that are typically gathered during a rushed decision.

Bonus:  It will save you time!

The sooner you can eliminate the unqualified candidates, the more time you have to spend with the more qualified candidates.

Each progressive step on the checklist gives us more information. We start looking for the most important character traits like Attitudes and Motivations, and if we can discover the absence of or the presence of these traits early, we can decide how much time to spend with the candidate.

Here’s another tip. After the phone screen, print the checklist and make a file for each candidate. Staple the checklist onto the inside front cover of the file. It will help keep things organized and remind us to not skip steps.

Thank you for joining me. See you next time on the Can They Sell video blog for more sales job recruitment training. As always, please leave your comments below and forward this video to anyone who will benefit. Now go enjoy recruiting the best, and use the “Checklist” to help you hire the best salespeople.


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To YOUR Success,

Steve Suggs




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