Are you satisfied with the production of your current sales and service team members?

Are you struggling to diagnose their individual, unique challenges and effectively coach them to higher productivity?

Are you struggling to find and select the best team members?

These are questions that challenge almost all business owners in today’s world of building great sales and service teams.

To find answers to these questions, the first step is to invest some time to reflect and measure your current level of knowledge. Getting to the zone of conscious incompetence – I know what I do not know – is an important step in growing and improving recruiting and coaching skills.

Remaining in the zone of un-conscience incompetence – I do not know what I do not know – prevents growth and keeps us in the daily misery of poor team recruitment and development.

Following is a questionnaire that is designed to provide an opportunity to measure your level of recruiting and coaching competence and to get you to the zone of knowing what you do not know in order to develop a plan and strategy for building a strong team.

Please rate yourself on a scale of 0-5 for each question.

  1. I have invested time and effort in improving my recruiting knowledge and skills.
  2. I have mastered a best practice recruiting system that I follow with every candidate.
  3. I understand the difference between hard-wired personality traits and behavioral traits.
  4. I know what personality traits are necessary for sales and service team members.
  5. I know how to choose a personality assessment that has a validated benchmark for the position for which I am hiring.
  6. I know the most important behavioral traits to measure while recruiting.
  7. I have structured interview questionnaires that measure the behavioral traits for sales and service.
  8. I know what intelligence level is needed for a person to get licensed and learn to do this job effectively.
  9. I have a validated intelligence tool to help me measure intelligence.
  10. I know how to use the combination of intelligence testing, resume review, and education levels to measure the right levels of intelligence for the job.
  11. I know how to get candidates to provide me with references who will take my call and answer my questions about the candidate.
  12. If candidates cannot provide references who will speak to me and say great things about their character, attitudes and motivations, I consider this to be important information when making hiring decisions.
  13. I have studied and refined my interviewing skills in order to see the real person during the interview.
  14. I know where to find quality candidates outside of online job boards.
  15. I spend time on a regular basis proactively looking for quality candidates in addition to online job boards.
  16. I have invested time and effort in improving my team coaching skills.
  17. I have a coaching system that includes:
  • Tools and knowledge to effectively diagnose why current team members are not reaching maximum productivity
  • Getting to know my team members’ goals and aspirations
  • Creating the metrics for each team member that will help them reach a personal income goal
  • Using a leading edge technology tool to help team members track metrics and personal goals
  • Holding regular team meetings to review sales metrics and hold team members accountable to daily sales activities to help them reach personal income goals
  • Using word tracks to help team members handle the 4 most common objections and gain sales
  • Providing product training that helps team members make effective presentations
  • Training team members on needs based selling skills

Now that you have a benchmark for where you are on the path to growth in the areas of recruiting and coaching your team, finding the training and a leading edge recruiting and coaching system is the next step.

If you would like to learn more from a team of recruiting and coaching experts, please reach out to us by scheduling a needs discovery consultation using my calendar app at

It would be our pleasure to serve you.

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