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Hello, I am Steve Suggs, salesperson recruiting training expert and author of the book Can They Sell. Welcome to my recruiting video blog. 2 and 1/2 minutes of training on recruiting the best salespeople. Today I’ll give you some information that will help you unlock the secret to human behavior when recruiting salespeople. This will be the topic of our next 3 video blogs.

The secret to understanding human behavior is to learn the difference between personality traits and character traits. Said another way, the difference between learned behavior and natural behavioral tendencies.

The top 4 character traits are honesty, work ethic, concern for other people, and personal responsibility are learned behaviors from our parents and mentors.

The top 4 personality traits of social drive, social confidence, goal orientation, and need for control are genetic behavioral tendencies woven into our DNA.

These personality traits determine the character traits that we will most likely struggle with.

In this video I’ll talk about the formation of character traits.

The level of each character trait depends upon 2 things –  no. 1 – training at an early age and no. 2 – personal development as adults. 


At a young age, the right kind of teaching has equal amounts of discipline and praise.

When we obey, we experience gratification that causes us to choose to repeat the positive behavior.

Over time, we experience a bonding to the parent and the character trait.

We develop a respect for authority over us and an understanding that things work better when everyone obeys the rules.

The amount  and quality of training determines how much of each character trait we take with us into adulthood. We mature. We eventually become the teacher.

Relationships and society works best when we all choose to exercise character traits.

When recruiting salespeople, we measure the level of character in our candidates with behavioral interview questions.

Thank you for joining me. See you next time on the Can They Sell video blog for more salesperson recruiting training. As always, please leave your comments below and forward this video to anyone who will benefit. If you haven’t already, please register for this blog. Now go recruit the best salespeople.


To YOUR Success,

Steve Suggs




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