Sales managers coach poorly when exhibiting the following behaviors.

They …
1.  Throw new salespeople into a job without a well thought out training and ramp up process.
2.  Do not help a salesperson develop a sales plan.
3.  Do not care about their salespeople as individuals.
4.  Focus on meeting budget numbers instead of achieving each salesperson’s income target.
5.  Manage salespeople as if their motivational and learning nuances were the same.
6.  Do not express encouragement either one-on-one or in team settings.
7.  Manage without developing and teaching a face-to-face (or telemarketing) sales process (steps, tools, and skills).
8.  Pound on their salespeople for results instead of managing an activity process or series of strategic moves (large accounts).
9.  Use fear as a primary motivator instead of positive imaging.
10.  Micromanage a salesperson’s time instead of giving them innovative expression.
11.  Allow bad behaviors or performance to continue without an immediate discussion or confrontation.
12.  Do not use a sales board or other visual representations to show individual/team progress during sales meetings.
13.  Retreat to themselves and do not have one-on-ones or go on appointments with their salespeople.

Please add your own – especially the ones you’ve experienced and dislike the most.  And, then move away from these and get better.  You can.  Lance.

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