I was thinking, “What’s the difference between a professional salesperson and a salesperson?”  Well … the whole question is semantical or oxymoronic.

Why, because a salesperson does not need the word professional to define his or her role. A good salesperson is a professional.  A bad salesperson is not a professional. It would be like asking, “What’s an integrity salesperson?” Honest, dependable, etc.  Well a salesperson is already honest, dependable, etc.  A bad one is not …

I’ve asked hundreds of salesperson to tell me the first thing they think of when they hear the word “Salesperson.”  I then ALWAYS hear the words, “Sleazy, slime ball, crook, money hungry, etc.”  And, we write them down on the board.  I then turn to them and tell them that they just described themselves – because they are all ‘salespeople.’

The problem is there are so many bad salespeople – who are dishonest, or who have low listening skills, poor product knowledge, or poor presentation skills. And, we end up feeling like there is a difference between “a professional salesperson and a “salesperson.“

Another problem is a lack of value-focused sales process.  Very few people know how to focus on the value to the customer – to ask questions, summarize needs and problems, and then to advise solutions.  As a result, they listen poorly and present without a clear understanding of a person’s or company’s situation – therefore looking unprofessional.

Now, go and make things better – and work to solve problems and fill the needs of customers.  Salespeople – real salespeople are already professionals.  They listen to and care about helping their customers.  They use their product knowledge to fill and solve customer problems with customized solutions.  They are salespeople – good ones.  Lance

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