Today, my bride and I stood at Ground Zero(ground zero) in New York City.

When the twin towers of the World Trade Center fell, New York’s finest knew who they were and what they were supposed to do.  They died trying to save people in the towers.  They worked for weeks – 24/7 – pulling bodies out of the rubble.  They sacrificed for the benefit of others with no thought of time or personal protection.  They did what they could with what they had.  They were heroes.

What does this possibly have to do with a sales team?  How does this story apply to someone who sells a service or a product?  What’s the message for salespeople, managers, and executives?

Do what you can for the benefit of others.  Work to protect the revenues and expenses of your company.  Protect the livelihoods of fellow employees – those who build and ship the products or those who provide your company’s services.  Take care of those who buy your product.  Follow up.  Preserve and defend customer rights and expectations.

Do not hire anyone who doesn’t care about personal responsibility or the interests of others.  Hire an honest person – someone with a hard work ethic.  And, build a sales team around people who want to solve problems and fill customer needs.  Keep your distance from people who want to tear things down.

When the economy falters or hardship arrives at your company’s door, work harder and smarter.  Be willing to sacrifice time and effort beyond normal requirements.  Do what it takes to get the job done.  Do what it takes to serve well.  Do what it takes to do what you said you would do.  Do what it takes.  Do what it takes.

Give your best.  Be courageous.  Walk through one more door.  Make one more call.  Be uncommon heroes.

Now, go and make things better.  Lance.

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