What specific things do you do to increase the sales of your team (Or yourself if you are a salesperson.)

Here’s a thought …
To increase sales performance, LEADERSHIP must help individual and team motivation to increase by inspiring a (new) desire to achieve sales beyond current levels. Leadership must create a new environment in which the individuals and team will motivate themselves.

After realistically looking at a current situation … The single most powerful way to increase sales performance for the team or for the individual is to …
“Increase belief” that the (who or what) they love most will be helped if they achieve the new sales levels.“
“Increase belief” that the (who or what) they love most will be harmed if they do not achieve the new sales levels.
“Increase belief” in their ability to achieve the new sales levels. 

and, they must believe the coaches think they have what it takes.

Example: A few years ago I was asked to kick off a planning session for a Sprint Regional VP of Retail Sales (one of three). Attending the planning session were the VP’s Area Managers for 13 states. I simply challenged them in the following way.

I asked,

“What is your goal?”


They told me it was “x.” I asked, “Where did ‘x’ come from?” They said, “Budget!” I said, “Great! but, what is your goal!” Silence occurred. Then someone said, “x!” I asked, Where did ‘x’ come from?” They said, “Budget!” I asked, “Where did Budget come from?” They said, “Sprint!”

So, I tried another question, “Where do you end up if you reach ‘x’.” They said, “Last.” I asked, Where did you end up last year?” They said, “Last!” I asked, “How did that make your feel?” Silence. I then asked, “What have you learned?” They said, “We don’t have a goal?” I asked, “Where do you want to end up?” They said, “First!” I said great, “Let’s start planning.”

As the planning began, the team took over and I basically watched and prodded a few times, but the sale was over. They did not want to be last again. Much more occurred that day as I built up their belief in the new goal, and we began to grow in confidence as a plan of actions began to take place. We then talked about how they would monitor results, meet to adjust the plan during the year, and bring celebration of progress to all the managers and the salespeople. Long story short – this team went from last region to top region in one year.

They found a heart for THEIR OWN sales goal,

built belief and confidence in a plan and developed their leadership and communication strengths for the fight ahead. Victory. I did not have to touch that team for the rest of the year. They did it. They did it. I love this story. It’s one I’ve seen over and over again, albeit with different motivations. Lots of serious fun.

Now, go and make things better.  You can.  Lance.

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