or Beyond Bullet Points by Cliff Atkinson (see: beyond bullet points)                …

I remember the overhead projector and transparencies of the 70’s.  And, I remember presenters who loved their transparencies – talking to them – expressing their content.  These presenters never saw the folks who slept though their work in darkened rooms.  They just continued to drone through the slides one at a time.  I did see one presenter go into just a single slide and we never saw him return.


Today, people are sick of powerpoints, keynotes, and all types of electronic presentations that contain a mumbo jumbo of words, graphs, flying saucers, and mounds of detail.  They want short quick points put together in a sequence of images and words that emotionally and factually tell a story – a story about THEM.  Even books are being written this way.

(It reminds me of a sign I once saw on an engineer’s office door, “Eschew Obfuscation!”  Please look these words up and have a laugh … speaking of laughs about this entire subject, please see the following video: Life After Death by PowerPoint



So, lets move beyond bullet points as Cliff has been advocating since 2004 in blogs and books.

Lets develop storyboards that capture an audience – their situation, their needs, and the impact of problems and solutions.

Imagine entering a room and sitting down for a presentation.  And, from the very first slide you find yourself drawn into a world about you and the things important to you.  You absorb the facts and experience the transformation that a product or service will have upon your world.  Clarity and drama occur together and you see what’s important.  You understand the difference.  You find yourself nodding and smiling.  The world changes and you invest yourself in it.  You buy it.  Kinda like lipstick on a pit bull.  WOW.  AWESOME!  Check it out and have fun.  Make things better.  Change the world.  Lance.

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