When your peers watch you, they see you prospect like a machine.  Nothing stops you from the hunt.  As a result, prospecting consistency smoothes out the hills and the valleys of sales production.  Your sales revenue rises and falls at an average equal to or above your goals.

When people look over your shoulder, they see a disciplined prospector – someone with a laser focus who puts first things first.  You schedule at least an hour each day alongside other important appointments to call your leads.  You keep your prospecting time sacrosanct.

For the hours that you set aside, you track results – contacts and first appointments set.

You work to increase your prospecting efficiency – contacts and appointments per hour, and your prospecting effectiveness – first appointments with target market leads (your ideal profile).

Those who watch, who are without your discipline, marvel at the amount of prospects you find and move into sales-in-progress (quotes).  And, they marvel at how your sales production, while rising from one month to the next, manages to stay near your goal achievement plan.

They see a professional.  YOU.  Best regards, Lance.

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