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This is an introduction to the transformative experience of becoming a better leader – a successful leader of people who sell. It’s an introduction to the disciplined training process that will, if you allow its shaping, make you more influential with those you hope to teach, mentor and coach into being high-activity sales professionals. It will stretch and build your leadership for many other parts of your life as well.

I know that you want to be better equipped to defeat chaos at home, at work and inside yourself. I also know that it’s hard to find trusted experts who will give you the advice that matters to your life. Some us have not experienced a life-changing upbringing brought about by genuine people who cared for us. We’ve either been left alone, treated with disrespect or not taught the rigors of the hard work and sacrifice that undergird the achievement of noble ambitions.

Most of you want genuine mentors to teach you something practical and easy to understand. You want real solutions to hard issues and you want their use to empower you to lead a team of successful people in sales. You want the truth given in a kind manner and without judgment.

For a practical thought, Theodore Roosevelt said,

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are!”

while Gandhi made sure leaders understood to

“be the change you want to see.”

One says be the example and the other says be the best you can be now!  Both are right and give us wisdom to remember as we lead.

So, when you experience Coach the Best, I want those 13 weeks to change your life in a way that helps you coach and mentor others with greater results. I want your awesome transformation to excite others into a remarkable growth phase of their own life. I know that you want to put these new attitudes and skills into place quickly. So, let’s do it!
You are a selected and unusual group of people. You embrace the fundamentals of outstanding sales leadership and the satisfying rewards of winning through and for people.

The Truth About Social Changes in America
As leaders in your company, and at this moment in your nation’s history you face American cultural issues which impact you and those whom you seek to influence. With your understanding of these issues and your dedication to transformation, you and those you coach will get better and you will lead them into enjoying a more successful life.

Walter Lippmann, an advisor to Presidents, who won two Pulitzer prices, one for his newspaper column Today and Tomorrow, is widely regarded as one of the most influential journalists of the twentieth century. His view of social change was:

“A new social change means a radical change of conscience.”

So as we think about changing our consciences, here are the social issues all leaders face today.

  • Loss through Addictions and Success in Ambitions
  • An Unhealthy Focus on Self-Esteem Improvement
  • A Desire for Authentic Families and Belonging
  • Safe and Protected or Combat Ready for War
  • Sociopathic Ruin or the Gains of a Conscientious Spirit

Leaders in every age of our history have faced various challenges within their cultures to win in a manner that makes life better for those around them. You will struggle to overcome problems relating to the negatives within these issues.

For example, a desire for improving quality of life in the next 2-10 years will affect what someone choses to work on today. Addictions will stop progress toward a noble aim’s action steps. They will keep a person from long-term goal setting and achievement and it will keep him from making and mportant life objective a reality. Yet, this struggle has always been present in the lives of people.

Studies have shown that a focus on making people “feel” good about themselves and increasing their self-esteem leads to a loss of self-control. It causes someone to weaken and not to learn how a hard work ethic, discipline and perseverance contribute to life improvement by being strengthened to handle forceful opposition.

Today, reps want a family atmosphere and a sense of belonging. They want nonjudgmental mentors who help them learn to grow and develop. They want a transformational experience and to do work that matters in the world. They want to learn about their gifts and their purpose.

In addition, they need someone who leads them into dangerous waters of new learning which will help them avoid financial traps, poor home lives and bad relationships. They want someone to make them combat-ready for a tough and demanding world.

The avoidance of sociopathic hires is important as well. Much of the last 100 years of research on conscientiousness shows less counterproductive workplace behaviors and stronger cultures when the people who work in them display an industry toward common rules and standards and when they organize their time and resources to achieve company objectives for the benefit of others.

You have what it takes to help teams achieve goals and make their lives better and defeat these issues within our society!
Let’s get started!   … Lance

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